Elijah - an original vampire

The elite vampire race from The Vampire Diaries

General Notes

The Originals (also called The Old Ones) are the very first Daeva Vampires in existence – and essentially the oldest. They are powerful and feared by many of the daeva race. This elite group at first resided in England, but they came to America after the Great Revelation due to Klaus’ desire to break the  moonstone curse .

Daeva vampires are essentially descendents of the Original vampire family, which includes 7 siblings. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah are three of them.


All the powers for regular daeva vampires apply to the originals except with these additions:

  • Can destroy younger vampires with ease due to strength that surpasses any normal vampire
  • Speed and reflexes are sharper, quicker, more precise than a normal vampire.
  • Their senses are amplified, can hear a conversation within a building with no concentration at all, even while some feet away from the building itself.
  • Healing is faster than a regular vampire. Physical vervain attacks only stops them for a couple of seconds. A stake through the heart only stops them for a few hours but does not kill them.
  • An original’s compulsion can work on other vampires and slayers too if vervain isn't on their person.
  • Has extreme resistance to most attacks by other vampires. Body cannot be burned.


  • White Ash Wood. Only the wood from an ancient oak tree can kill an original vampire. It’s extremely rare since the tree was burned, but the ashes were salvaged by witches. They made a dagger that is to be used along with the ashes in order to kill an original. The dagger and ash cannot be used by another vampire, or the vampire using it will also die (myth has it this is due to the old Ugenta vampire laws). The dagger needs to stay in the body of an original in order for the vampire to stay dead.
  • Wood. A stake through the heart can paralyze an original for a few hours.
  • Invitations. Must be invited in a house by the living owner.
  • Sunlight. Sunlight cannot kill them, but it can set them on fire, so they were the Lapis Lazuli Rings . Still, fire cannot destroy an Original's body.
  • Magic. Magic can affect these vampires – but maybe not as strong as it would for a regular vampire.

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