Dean and Sam fill rounds with salt.

Salt can be used as protection against the forces of darkness. In mythological lore, salt is used as a purification agent and it is quite effective against some species, including:


  • Protection. Creating a line or circle of salt on the floor will keep the above species from

    Dean and other inspect the salt ring around the room.

  • Weapon. Using salt in shot gun cartridges will be able to disperse evil spirits, make a spirit dissipate temporarily, and inflict pain on a spirit.
  • Torture. One could torture Lucifer's Demons with it.
  • 'Exorcisms'. Salt is traditionally used to cast out demons or evil spirits.
  • Magic . Salt is sometimes used for spells - as a symbol or method of purification.

Salt has no effect on vampires or other demons outside of Lucifer's circle.